3 Tried & Tested Tips to Get Found on Instagram

You need to follow some of the basic rules if you want to get noticed on social network like Instagram. You need to post regularly, add interesting description with pictures, and interact with users to gather more attention. Here are few of the amazing ways to ensure getting more followers, likes and much win on Instagram.

Use Widely Used Hashtags

When it comes to get more likes, Hashtags are considered to be the first way to start with. You need to think about subject so other users can take pictures of same things to find you. Tagging is not limited to subject. Photos can be tagged as per the style of processing or photography, with the apps used to process the pictures, or the filter you are going to use, or based on where you are. Some of the popular hashtags are #photooftheday, #instagood, and even more.  You may check out the hashtags that others use and keep track on widely used hashtags.

Participate in Community Activities

There are lots of activities happening on Instagram. JJ’s daily forum is the most popular and biggest program. Founded by Josh Johnson with over 280000 followers, JJ Daily Forum has been evolved to around 1000s of members and huge network of editors to highlight photos on regular basis. All you have to follow JJ and find out the hashtag and daily theme to submit photos. You can choose themes on content or styles. If your submission is noticed by one of his editors or him, you may get a chance to be featured by Josh or one of these editors. You can participate in several other communities.


Instagram also relies on user engagement like any community or social network. It is all about giving and taking. The more you make time for other users and interact with them, the more they will give you back. You may get noticed by liking photos of other users but it would be better if you leave thoughtful comments. The more you like and comment on photos of other users out of your friends’ network, the more you are likely to gain both likes and followers. When they like other photos of you, some of their followers and friends will also notice you. It’s not about liking photos randomly. You need to engage with those who share same interest with you.  Be sure to respond to comments.